Aud Bækkelund
Flytende forhold
Flytende forhold - om utryddelse og bevaring, Solo exhibition, Galleri Christinegaard, Bergen 2023
Drift underveis
Ny serie arbeid fra 2021 / Along the way, New series of work from 2021
Ferd / Voyage
Ferd, Solo exhibition, Galleri Salhus, Tekstilindustrimuseet, Hordaland. 2021
System Collapse
Systemkollaps, BKFH-salong 2021
Dualismer og andre arbeid fra 2019 og 2020.
Dualisms and other works from 2019 and 2020.
Alternative Waters
Alternative farvann, Solo exhibition. Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese 2019
Cloudscape, Samanhengande - a group exhibition of art from
Kunstgarasjen, Bergen 28.mai - 14.august 2016
Basal structure
Honorable Mention Prize, Basal Structure. Contextile Bienal, Guimarães, Portugal 2018
Agalaus kunstfestival, Voss 28 - 31. mai 2015
Soft links, local positions
Myke forbindelser, lokale posisjoner. Solo exhibition. Soft galleri, Oslo
7. mai - 7. juni 2015
The office of dreams and digressions
Kontoret for drømmer og digresjoner. Installations and Objects. Solo Exhibition, Banksmidja, Voss Kunstlag
31. august – 28.september 2013
Solo exhibition in the foyer in gallery Kabuso, Øystese. 9 oktober - 14.november 2010.
Most of these works are also part of Memorat x 2, Bryne kunstforening 2011.
Memorat x 2
Works from the exhibition in Bryne Kunstforening 26 February - 3 April 2011
Dream of Birdsong
"The exhibition's perhaps most delicate work is an abstracted tree. Cuttings from fruit trees are wrapped in a flowery light material - or is it cobweb? Hung up it becomes a floating work of art, creating a play of shadows against the wall when the environment or the wind takes hold of the air around it." from catalog text, art historian Heidi Jaeger
Approaching forrests
Solo Exhibition in:
Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger 15 Mai - 12 June
Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo. 27 September - 26 October 2003
Trondhjems Kunstforening, 30 oktober - 23 november 2003.